• The Championship & Open Division will be a 72 hole single stableford event. ‘A’ grade golfers for The Championship will also be eligible to compete for a 72 hole ‘gross’ event. Golfers will be drawn to play two rounds at each of the two host courses. All golfers will be drawn to play two morning and two afternoon rounds.
  • The Championship is played in age divisions and are subject to change based on entry numbers. The handicap range for each grade (A, B, C) will be based on final entries. The maximum handicap for men and women are as follows:
    • Age 35-55: Men 30, Ladies 40
    • Age 56+: Men 36, Ladies 45

Players with higher handicaps must play off the maximum permitted handicap.

  • The Open Division is played as 1 division for all players. The handicap range for each grade (A, B, C) will be based on final entries. The maximum handicap for men and women are as follows:
    • Men 30, Ladies 40
  • Trophies for the 72 hole event will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters in each age/handicap division for the Championship and 1st only for the Open Division.  Winners are determined by the highest aggregate of Stableford points over the four competition rounds. Trophies will be awarded to the winner of the 72 hole single stroke ‘gross’ event in each age division. Players may only win one trophy.


  • Competitors must have an official handicap (endorsed by your national golf association). For golfers who have provided online access to their handicap history, tournament organisers will download your ‘handicap index’ and this will be confirmed at tournament registration. Entrants who have not provided online access to your handicap, must provide confirmation of your handicap index to the tournament committee. This official handicap advice must be signed by an authorised club official. Players who fail to provide handicap verification will be permitted to play, but will be ineligible for golf prizes.
  • The ‘slope handicap system’ will be utilised to calculate player handicaps for the Championship rounds. Under the slope system, the difficulty of the golf course and the tee blocks played from determine a player’s handicap prior to the start of each round. The course handicap will be displayed on your scorecard each round and is calculated as follows:
    Handicap Index  x Slope Rating (Corresponding Tee) /113
  • The handicap committee have managed international amateur tournaments for more than 20 years. The handicap committee have developed a complex and proven system for adjusting player handicaps (reductions only) following each round of the tournament. The handicap adjustments take into consideration: Scores for each round in relation to the calculated course rating. The calculated course rating is based on the 15th percentile score at the course you are playing each day.

Stableford Competition Explained

The number of stableford points awarded on each hole is determined based on your ‘adjusted score’ on each hole in relation to par. Under stableford scoring, your actual score on each hole is adjusted based on your handicap. The stroke index is used to determine on what holes you apply your handicap. Examples: a 12 handicap golfer would deduct one shot from their fixed score on stroke index holes rated 1 to 12 only. A 24 handicap player would deduct two shots from their fixed score on holes indexed 1 through 6 and deduct one shot on holes indexed 7 to 18. The ‘adjusted’ score is then compared to the stableford scoring table as follows:

Use this table to calculate stableford points for your ‘adjusted score’

Double bogey or worse 0 stableford points Birdie (1 under par) 3 stableford points
Bogey (1 over par) 1 stableford point Eagle (2 under par) 4 stableford points
Par 2 stableford points Albatross (3 under par) 5 stableford points

Pace of Play
Pace of Play is paramount at Go Golfing / Golfasian events. Where many players are unfamiliar with the courses, 4.5 hours is a reasonable pace of play. Maintaining a reasonable pace of play is an important element in having a good experience on course. It’s often a combination of little things not done that wind up contributing to slow play and on-course traffic jams.
Here are some tips for making sure your pace of play is as brisk as it should be. Remember: pace of play isn’t about rushing your shots, it’s about being ready to play your stroke when it’s your turn, and behaving efficiently on the course. Click here to view our pace of play tips.


  • A deposit of USD 500 must accompany each entry. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse entry should capacity be exceeded.
  • Cancellation & Refund Policy:
    • Refund applications received in writing before 1 July 2019 will be subject to a USD $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations after 1 July 2019 will be subject to a USD $50 cancellation fee and up to 100% of the remaining balance dependant on what Golf Asian / Go Golfing can recover from suppliers.
    • Note: Refunds for cancelled air tickets and accommodation will be subject to the standard terms and conditions of each airline and property.
  • Entrants who book by 1 March 2019 will receive a USD 100 room credit to spend on F&B at Pullman DaNang Beach Resort. This room credit is offered per room.

The Package

  • Go Golfing / Golfasian reserves the right to re-cost packages after initial publication due to currency fluctuations or component cost increases. Any surcharges will be passed on in respect to currency fluctuations unless full payment has been received and no changes are made to your booking.


  • Go Golfing / Golfasian may arrange media promotion and publicity before, during and after the Championship. Competitors assent to pictures of them appearing and being used for purposes determined by Go Golfing and Golfasian.

The tournament committee may at its discretion amend or add any condition of the Championship.

By registering online, entrants acknowledge they have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions and accept all risks. The tournament committee, Go Golfing, Golfasian, sponsors, host golf clubs and other suppliers of goods and services accept no liability for any death, injury, property loss or damage incurred during or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of the Championship.